Want to thrive in your marketing career through the best business books and authors each month?

The SIMPLE brand Book Club - a monthly reading program designed for busy mid-level marketers who want to grow themselves, strengthen their team and accelerate their marketing career.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to figure out which books are worth your time?


Don't worry. You're not alone.

Reading is one of the most effective methods for developing and positioning yourself as the leader your CMO wants to promote. It makes sense - reading helps you become a better communicator, a better thinker, a better leader. Sadly, too many middle management marketers feel like they're too busy to read. And they have too many unanswered questions before they even decide on a book. Maybe you've got those same questions too.

"How do I know I'm not going to waste my time with the wrong book?"

"What if I have questions about what I'm reading? Who can I ask?"

"What if none of the lessons will apply to my specific business, my role or my team?"

I've got good news for you. It doesn't have to be that complicated.
In fact, it can be pretty simple.

Introducing the SIMPLE brand Book Club

We're excited to introduce to you the SIMPLE brand Book Club! It's the monthly reading program that will help you more simply retain and apply lessons from impactful books so you can strengthen your team, improve yourself and thrive in your marketing career. You'll have both the clarity and confidence to take action and brand out from your peers.

JOIN TODAY - $8.99/mo

Strengthen Your Team

Improve Yourself

Thrive In Your Marketing Career

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Here's what you'll get

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Monthly books to help you learn how to simplify customer and employee experiences and grow your personal brand.

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Weekly online reading reviews, discussions and Q&A with your book club host: Matt Lyles.

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Opportunities to attend live interviews with book authors and ask questions on how to apply lessons to your business.

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Reading guides simply developed to help you get the most out of your books and retain the lessons.

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Action plan prompts to help you tie the book lessons directly to your business and immediately take action.

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A private online group where mid-level marketers like you ask questions, share lessons and encourage each other.

JOIN TODAY - $8.99/mo

Introducing the first book club selection! 

RE:Think Innovation

Think innovation is JUST for your Innovation team? Think again! Anyone can create innovations in your team - they just need a proven process to understand HOW to be innovative. Thankfully, Carla Johnson has the process. And she shares it all in her latest book, RE:Think Innovation.

Carla Johnson

"I'm thrilled to have RE:Think Innovation as part of the SIMPLE brand Book Club! I can't wait for you to learn how to help your team become more innovative."

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Meet your host.

Hi, I'm Matt Lyles - keynote speaker, brand consultant and host of the SIMPLE brand with Matt Lyles podcast.

For the past few years, I've helped hundreds of marketers join the simplicity crusade to strengthen their business and grow their career. Now I'm bringing the crusade to you. If you want a winning brand, a winning team, and a winning business, you must provide a simple experience to your customers and team members.  One of the best ways to help you do that is through reading books that will give you practical insights, lessons and actions.

As your book club host I'm selecting books that I'm certain will help you impress your CMO and thrive in your marketing career. I can't wait for us to learn together!

Here's what others are saying...

Mary Jane

“I always look forward to Matt’s book recommendations. They’re insightful and actionable.”


“From his podcast to his book recommendations, Matt’s always sharing insights that help me in my role.”


"Matt has a wealth of creative ideas when it comes to simplifying business. A lot of them come from his book recommendations."

8 Week Course

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Upfront and SAVE

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Ready to Join the Club?

Group discussion, action plans, private author Q&A and more! This is your monthly book club to help you thrive in your marketing career by learning how to provide a simple experience to your customers, to your people, and to yourself.

JOIN TODAY - $8.99/mo

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