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SIMPLE brand #90 - Bill Price: The Frictionless Organization


In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Bill Price, author of The Frictionless Organization: Deliver Great Customer Experiences with Less Effort!


If you know me, then you know I believe that one of the best ways to simplify your customer experience and make it simple for customers to do business with you is to remove any friction throughout the customer experience. Basically, whenever your customer feels frustrated, stressed, or even angry - that’s friction.


I’m sure you’ve felt that way at some point as a customer. You don’t want your customers to feel that way when they’re interacting with your brand.


Bill and I discuss his lessons around seeking, finding, and eliminating all that friction that can happen in your customer experience. And more importantly, we discuss how to proactively ensure that friction doesn’t get into the customer experience in the first place.


Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why the best service is when the customer doesn’t even need to contact you
  • Bill’s definition of a frictionless organization
  • The value of proactively communicating with your customers
  • Educating your customers can curb customer service calls and reduce friction
  • The questions to ask before you start to invest in customer service technology
  • The need to proactively go upstream and prevent customer service issues from happening in the first place
  • How delivering a frictionless experience actually demonstrates respect to your customer 
  • The right way to proactively plan on how your customer experience will be frictionless instead of solving customer service issues
  • With customer expectations always changing, creating a frictionless experience is not a one-and-done approach
  • The habits and values that customer experience leaders should embrace






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