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SIMPLE brand #83 - Alex Demczak: How Integrity Helps to Build Trust and Create Lasting Success



In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Alex Demczak, co-author of The Sale: The Number One Strategy to Build Trust and Create Success!

Alex is a former SEC quarterback for the Missouri Tigers. He’s also a top keynote speaker and trainer for the Jon Gordon Companies.

Alex and I discuss his lessons all around instilling integrity and building trust. Not only do we talk about how to build the right habits to instill integrity into your personal brand as a leader, we also discuss how you can help your employees build those habits too.


Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why delayed gratification is so valuable for being excellent in the long-term
  • How integrity has changed in culture recently
  • Your life is more fulfilling when you live your life with integrity in place
  • 59% of people that leave their job do so because they dislike their boss
  • Gen Z would rather take a job with less money if it’s part of an organization where they truly believe in the mission and values
  • Integrity in leadership is a key driver in employee retention
  • The misconception that most people have about integrity
  • The best leaders lead from the inside-out vs outside-in
  • Strategies to instill so that you don’t veer away from integrity as you grow in your career
  • Accountability from others is key to staying on a track of integrity
  • The steps you can take to build trust back if you’ve lost it







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