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SIMPLE brand #81 - Nate Brown: How to Create a Seamless Customer Experience



In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Nate Brown, founder of CX Accelerator!


Nate’s the Senior Director of Customer Experience for Arise Virtual Solutions. But beyond that, he's one of the biggest experts in the Customer Experience industry.

I say he’s an expert, but Nate proclaims himself more of a perpetual student of the world's greatest experiences who simply shares his learnings with the world.

And in line with his nature of sharing his learnings, Nate’s the founder and head of CX Accelerator - an online community of customer experience professionals all sharing their learnings, guidance, and mentorship with each other.

Nate and I discuss having a frictionless, seamless customer experience that helps your brand stand out. And we also discuss how you can instill a customer experience mindset into every team in your organization, even the non-customer-facing teams.


Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The customer service issues your customers bring up help you decide how to shape your customer experience
  • The difference between customer experience and customer service
  • How friction points in the customer journey are usually created “upstream”
  • How leaders can help all teams understand the entire customer journey and be better aligned with other teams
  • Brands that focus on short-term success vs long-term customer relationships will fail in the long run
  • What The Lord of the Rings teaches us to break down silos and create a “team of one” to be a customer-centric brand
  • How to ensure your entire customer journey is a seamless journey
  • How to use a Voice of the Customer system to understand your customer
  • How creating and managing a customer community can help you gain customer insight







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