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SIMPLE brand #80 - Dennis Geelen: The Zero In Formula - Sustainable Growth Through Customer-Centric Innovation




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Dennis Geelen, creator of The Zero In Formula!

When you look at the most successful brands throughout history, I think you’ll find a common formula. And at the foundation of that formula is an equal and integrated focus on being both customer-centric AND innovative. 

What’s interesting is that sometimes I’ll hear experts go all in on talking about being customer-centric or I’ll hear other experts go all in on talking about being innovative.

Rarely do we hear anyone talking about an equal and integrated focus on both of those. But when you look at some of the most successful brands today, that’s their focus.

Beyond just saying you’re going to focus on being customer-centric or innovative, you must be intentional, and it takes planning down through every layer of every team in your organization.

Dennis’s Zero In Formula is the plan to help you do just that. Dennis is a customer experience and innovation speaker and consultant. And he’s the bestselling author of the book, The Zero In Formula.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • You need to get your purpose, direction, and systems defined before hiring and focusing on your people
  • Every organization needs to solve indifference in their customers and their employees
  • You can solve customer and employee indifference by being equally customer-centric and innovative
  • How companies tend to lose their customer-centric focus as they grow
  • Should Customer Experience (CX) be owned across a company or owned within one team? 
  • How to instill empathy to really know your customers
  • How to figure out what a customer needs instead of giving them what they want
  • Five principles to help you instill innovation into your team
  • Why diversity and inclusion are valuable for innovation
  • The traits and behaviors to hire for in order to ensure your team is customer-centric
  • Steps you can take to know if your organization is customer-centric







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