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SIMPLE brand #79 - Dave Delaney: The Nice Method - Improve Employee Retention. Strengthen Your Culture.


In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Dave Delaney, creator of The Nice Method!

When you think about the best ways to lead and retain people, one of the primary strategies should be to be nice. And, it’s not as easy as just thinking you’re nice and being done with it.

No, there’s actually a method to it. And this week’s guest actually created the method - it’s called the Nice Method. 

Dave’s a keynote speaker, author, corporate trainer, and host of The Nice Podcast.

And Dave’s the founder and head of Future Forth, where he helps leaders of fast-growing companies retain talent, improve communication and strengthen their culture.

It turns out Dave’s an expert on how leaders can strengthen their team culture - all by being nice.

Dave and I discuss lessons from his Nice Method that helps leaders learn how to foster communication mastery and build a strong culture in today’s complex environment - the nice way. And we also get into his improv comedy background to discuss how improv can help you grow a stronger, more engaged team.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Listening to your employees isn’t enough. You need to act on what you hear.
  • Why employees are leaving their jobs to go elsewhere
  • The financial costs of having to replace employees once they leave
  • What leaders can do to become better listeners
  • How active listening helps strengthen your culture
  • The improv comedy lesson that can improve your leadership
  • How Dave’s Nice Method can build cultures
  • The return on investing in your employees’ development
  • How leaders can accommodate different perspectives of how their employees define “nice”
  • How to be nice while still setting the right boundaries






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