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SIMPLE brand #78 - Clint White: Tattoos, Not Brands



 In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Clint White, author of Tattoos, Not Brands!

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, an established small business owner, a marketing leader at a large corporation—or somewhere in-between—the traditional ideas on building a “brand“ are usually considered essential to any solid marketing strategy.

But, what if everything you’ve learned, or think you know, about branding doesn’t actually HAVE to apply to you and your business?

Clint White argues that most businesses, nonprofits, and social movements aren’t actually brands. They’re actually what he describes as tattoos.

Recognized as a Crain’s New York Business Top Entrepreneur, Clint brings 30 years of experience as a marketer, consultant, teacher, and business builder. He’s the host of the Tattoos, Not Brands podcast.

And Clint just released his first book of the same name, Tattoos, Not Brands: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Smart Marketing and Business Building.

Clint and I discuss how his flexible “tattoo” approach to consumer engagement is a better choice for most businesses.

Unlike market-driven brands, Clint says tattoos are mission-driven. They’re personal, relatable, and nimble enough to evolve with consumer needs—and they don’t break the bank. They get consumers talking enthusiastically online and offline about how your product makes a difference in their lives.

Not only do we talk about his “tattoo” approach. We also discuss the simple steps you can take to prepare for success and identify the right approaches to marketing that will best work for you and your product.


Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The difference between brands and “tattoos”
  • How flexibility allows for a more creative approach in marketing
  • Clint’s SNOW system for segmenting customers
  • Clint’s defined “tattoo types”
  • How to market your product based on your tattoo type
  • What we can learn from Trader Joe’s on showing authenticity
  • The value in embracing User Experience as a guiding principle
  • The importance of investing in "your people" who deliver your experience






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