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SIMPLE brand #76: Jeffrey Shaw - The Self-Employed Life




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Jeffrey Shaw, author of The Self-Employed Life!

When someone goes into creating a small business or becoming self-employed, one main reason is to have more control. 

Unfortunately, too many self-employed business owners find out the "self-employed life" can feel like a roller coaster where they have even less control than before. 

We’re being bombarded by and chased by way too many demands. It’s becoming harder to get traction in our business. And, if we do make traction, sometimes it comes at the sacrifice of our friends and/or family.  It’s exhausting. Too many business owners and business leaders become burned out, or sometimes, even worse.

What if you could have far more control over your business than you previously thought? It turns out, you can. The key is setting up the right environment for sustainable success and happiness through a Self-Employed Ecosystem.

Thankfully, this week’s guest can help with that! He actually developed the Self-Employed Ecosystem concept. It’s Jeffrey Shaw!

Jeffrey's a highly sought-after keynote speaker. He’s a LinkedIn Learning instructor and a contributor to Entrepreneur MagazineHe’s the founder of the Self-Employed Business Institute, the host of the top-ranked Self-Employed Life podcastand the author of the bestselling book: The Self-Employed Life.

Jeffrey and I talk about how to help business owners gain control of their business and life by creating the environment for the results they want instead of an environment that goes off the rails. And much of that is through creating Jeffrey’s Self-Employed Ecosystem. And honestly, even though these lessons are designed for self-employed business owners, I think they’ll help any busy leader!

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why you should spend more time creating the right environment for your business than chasing clients

  •  Why it’s okay to have work and personal life interconnected 

  •  Personal development is the key driver to growing your self-employed business

  •  Feeling overwhelmed in your business is an indicator that you’re ready for your next level of growth

  •  Why the goal of a self-employed business owner should be to strive to be bored

  •  You need to create a self-employed ecosystem of personal development, business strategy and daily habits

  •  Why it’s valuable to work with an outside coach to help in your personal development






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