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SIMPLE brand #75: Tamsen Webster - Find Your Red Thread



In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, 
I talk with Tamsen Webster, author of Find Your Red Thread!

Have you ever had a big idea and you were trying to get others to believe in and buy into that idea?

It can be frustrating knowing how great your idea is, how much potential your idea has, and then recognizing that the people you’re trying to convince just aren’t getting it. And then it can be frustrating when we see it come so naturally, so easily, to others who have the talent or the gift of having people quickly buy into their ideas.

But what if there was a process you could follow to help people not only understand your idea and have it resonate with them but for them actually to accept your idea as well? 

It turns out there is a process for that - a pretty powerful process. And once you learn this process, you’ll be able to win over, inspire and influence your audience - every single time.

Part strategist, part storyteller, part English-to-English translator, Tamsen Webster helps experts drive action with their ideas. Tamsen honed her trademark Red Thread approach in and for major organizations.

Tamsen and I discuss her lessons and her process for taking your big ideas and making them irresistible to any audience. And it turns out that the key to doing this is by building the story that your audience will tell themselves about your idea.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why just identifying your audience’s problem and sharing your solution isn’t enough
  • How our brains generate stories to make sense of our decisions
  • How brands are doing storytelling wrong 
  • There are more storytelling structures behind just the “hero’s journey”
  • Tamsen’s Red Thread elements that help drive any story forward
  •  Story structure is like a programming language for our brains
  • Where most marketing and communications fail in using storytelling
  • The importance of giving your audience a choice






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