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SIMPLE brand #74: Nicholas Webb - What Customers Hate



In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, 
I talk with Nicholas Webb, author of What Customers Hate! 

In the last episode, I talk with Joey Coleman about how to shape your customer experience to ensure you retain your customers in those critical first 100 days of their relationship with you.

In this week's episode, I’m taking those lessons further to discuss WHY customers leave you based on what it is they hate about your brand's customer experience.

If you’re familiar with my 6 key SIMPLE behaviors then you know that "simple never stops." What was considered simple 2 years ago isn’t considered simple today. And what’s considered simple today won’t be considered simple tomorrow. That means your customers' expectations are always changing. You need to keep up with their expectations and demands or, better yet, innovate to stay ahead of those expectations and demands. 

But how do you know which moments in the customer experience you should be focused on and improving?

One of the best ways to know is to understand those moments in the customer experience that your customers hate. These are the moments that slow the customer experience down. These are the moments that cause your customers to feel frustrated, angry, and stressed. These are the moments that make your customer ask, ‘Why does it have to be this hard to get what I want?”

When we look at the best brands in the world, they’re the ones that are delivering a great - and usually simple - customer experience. But beyond that, they’re also the ones that take steps to proactively avoid friction and the things that customers hate. These companies have learned that if you can eliminate what customers hate, you’ll automatically become the best option in your market.

This week’s guest knows all about removing friction and what customers hate. It’s Nick Webb!

Nick is a world-renowned strategist, futurist, bestselling author, and keynote speaker.

He works with top brands to help them lead in Enterprise Strategy, Customer Experience, and Innovation.

Nick’s the author of many customer experience and innovation-based books including What Customers Crave, The Innovation Mandate, Happy Work, and his latest bestseller -  What Customers Hate!

Nick and I discuss how to deliver an experience to your customers that will retain them AND turn them into loyal evangelists.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Most promoter and customer satisfaction data is useless and wrong

  • How to take a true self-assessment of your customer experience

  • Self-awareness will show where the things that customers hate reside in your organization

  • Customer experience is an innovation activity

  • How brands can ensure they get the right insights from their customers

  • How to know why customers hate aspects of your customer experience. SPOILER ALERT: it’s not in the traditional scores and surveys

  •  How Lemonade Insurance became a success by fixing the top things customers hate about insurance customer experience

  • Why most brands still tend to focus on customer acquisition over customer retention

  • How to better understand your customer experience through “Customer Experience by Walking Around”
  • Why “Happiness as a Strategy” is valuable in your employee and customer experience
  • The five touchpoints that make up the human experience
  • Why the first customer experience touchpoints are the most valuable 







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