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SIMPLE brand #69: Darrell Amy - Building a Revenue Growth Engine


In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast,
 I talk with Darrell Amy, author of  Revenue Growth Engine: How to Align Sales and Marketing to Accelerate Growth!

When it comes to revenue, most businesses don’t appear to have a true revenue growth strategy or the processes in place to even drive growth. Outside of that,  some companies are really good at focusing on driving revenue through new customers while others are really good at cross-selling to existing customers. Unfortunately, very few appear to be good at doing both.

But it is possible to focus on and be good at both. And If you can drive simply reasonable growth in net-new business while also cross-selling your current clients, then you can actually double your revenue in less than 3 years.

But it does take an intentional strategy and it does take the right alignment between Sales and Marketing.

And this week’s guest is here to help you learn how to do just that. It’s Darrell Amy.

Darrell’s the author of the best-selling book Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Sales and Marketing To Drive Accelerate Growth. He’s the host of the Revenue Growth Podcast on the C-Suite Radio Network and the co-host of the Selling From the Heart podcast. And he’s a member of the Forbes Business Council and a C-Suite Advisor. Darrell and I discuss his lessons around aligning your Sales and Marketing teams, growing your revenue aggressively yet realistically, and the number one way to differentiate yourself among your competitors. SPOILER ALERT: It’s all in the experience you deliver.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • The law of exponential revenue growth

  • The value ratio of net-new customers vs existing customers

  • How the experience we deliver drives whether customers continue to buy from you

  • The difference between a customer and a client
  • How to break down the Sales and Marketing silos

  •  How to ensure all your teams view everything from the eyes of the customer

  • The importance of having your frontline team members understand what it feels like to receive the level of experience that your customers expect

  •  Darrell and I discuss a hypothesis on how the identity given to your team members empowers them in delivering your customer experience







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