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SIMPLE brand #57: 2021 Recap - Lessons on Providing a SIMPLE Employee Experience




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I'm continuing our recap of some of the standout lessons that we learned in 2021.


This episode right here is going to focus on those lessons around simple experiences for your people. I have another 2021 recap episode that focuses on those lessons around simple experiences for your customers. You can check it out here.


In this episode, you'll hear clips from some of the standout guests giving lessons that'll really help you understand what it means to create a simple experience for your people. You'll hear from:


 Brian Rafferty (Episode 55) as he shares the benefits when you focus on a culture of simplicity in the workplace

Lisa Bodell (Episode 38) as she explains how complexity can creep into your culture and what leaders can do to drive towards a culture of simplicity

David Burkus (Episode 23) as he defines the elements that are needed to create an engaged workforce (especially when they're remote)

Carla Johnson (Episode 34) as she talks about the need of one overarching purpose to create a strong culture (especially a culture of innovation)

Josh Linkner (Episode 28) as he makes the case that anyone can be innovative and explains how to encourage innovation across your organization

Me, Matt Lyles (Episode 41) as I walk you through how to create a culture of empathy

Michael Solomon (Episode 46) as he makes the case for tailoring your management style through empathy and EQ

Len Herstein (Episode 49) as he explains how leaders who are vulnerable enough to ask their employees to hold them accountable makes your culture even stronger

Dee Ann Turner (Episode 21) as she shares her view on the responsibility that leaders have in their team members' development


If you haven't heard the episodes with these guests already then after this go back and dig into them so you can get even more in-depth lessons from them.






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