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SIMPLE brand #56: 2021 Recap - Lessons on Providing a SIMPLE Customer Experience




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I'm doing something a little different.

Before we jump into all of the new content, new guests and new lessons for the SIMPLE brand podcast in 2022, I want to take a quick recap of some of the standout lessons that we learned in 2021.


This episode right here is going to focus on those lessons around simple experiences for your customers. I'll have another recap episode that focuses on those lessons around simple experiences for your people.


In this episode, you'll hear clips from some of the standout guests giving lessons that'll really help you understand what it means to create a simple experience for your customers. You'll hear from:


Nick Westergaard (Episode 25) as he talks about the timelessness of what makes a strong brand

Gair Maxwell (Episode 52) as he explains why you need to know who you are beyond your products and services

John Meese (Episode 43) as he talks about defining your purpose statement by focusing on who your customers are, their problems and your solution

Mark Schaefer (Episode 54) as he shares his concept of "the seam" to find those opportunity shifts in the marketplace

Brian Rafferty (Episode 55) as he explains what customers want from brands and the benefits when you focus on simplicity

Dan Gingiss (Episode 48) as he defines customer experience and why you need to focus on delivering a remarkable experience

Ethan Beute (Episode 47) as he shares why you need to focus on emotions in your customer experience

Steven Van Belleghem (Episode 35) as he walks you through is model for delivering an experience that customers can't refuse

Mike Michalowicz (Episode 45) as he gives a defense on why different is better than better

Scott Miller (Episode 31) as he makes the case for always placing your focus on the customer

Michael Brenner (Episode 22) as he defines what empathy is and how to instill it into your marketing

Joe Pulizzi (Episode 33) as he explains how to take an audience first approach in your content marketing 

J.J. Peterson (Episode 40) as he shows how most companies are doing storytelling wrong, but then explains how to go about it the right way and apply it to your marketing

Gigi Butler (Episode 26) as she shares her view on the value of consistency

Stephanie Stuckey (Episode 32) as she explains how debranding inconsistent locations is actually valuable for your brand

Len Herstein (Episode 49) as he defines complacency and makes the case for staying vigilant


If you haven't heard the episodes with these guests already then after this go back and dig into them so you can get even more in-depth lessons from these guests.






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