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SIMPLE brand #52: Gair Maxwell - Big Little Legends



In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I talk with Gair Maxwell, author of Big Little Legends: How Everyday Leaders Build Irresistible Brands!


Do you ever wonder why one store will have a line of customers out the door and around the block while a perfectly good competitor offering similar products at a similar price sits across the street almost empty?


Do you ever wonder why some brands become the “top-of-mind” choice in an industry when their competitors may offer a better product at maybe even a better price?


These brands no longer have to do much work to draw in customers. They simply have fans who continuously come to them in drives.

These are the brands that really stand out. They’re the ones who’ve become irresistible.


But how can you do that in a crowded world when your customers are bombarded with competing and distracting messages and experiences every day?


Luckily, there’s an answer, and I discuss it this week with Gair Maxwell. 


Gair’s an international keynote speaker, author and brand strategist. He’s the host of the top-rated podcast: The Leadership Standard, produced with TEC Canada.


And he’s the author of Big Little Legends: How Everyday Leaders Build Irresistible Brands. It’s out this week!







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