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SIMPLE brand #38: Lisa Bodell - Escape the Complexity Trap




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I talk with Lisa Bodell about lessons from her book: Why Simple Wins!


Do you ever find yourself so busy - or worse yet - do you ever find your team so busy and you look and realize that the majority of their time is spent in too many meetings, spent on too many minutiae tasks, spent having to navigate crazy, complex processes and that so little of their time is actually spent on that significant work, that needle-moving work, that work that truly matters?


All that comes from a culture of complexity. 


Look, no one plans to make things too complex and burdensome for their employees. But complexity does happen. And it creeps in a little bit at a time when you’re not expecting it. And once it’s in your business, it’s so hard to get it out. It's detrimental to your business and you have to find a way to solve it.


And that’s why I was so excited to talk with Lisa Bodell this week.


Lisa is one of the top 50 keynote speakers in the world. And she’s the best-selling author of multiple books including: Why Simple Wins. And she’s one of my favorite teachers on simplicity.


Lisa and I talk about how businesses find themselves in the complexity trap and we discuss her lessons that will help you and your team eradicate that complexity and get back to meaningful work that drives your business forward.






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