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SIMPLE brand #37: Josh Miles - Building a Bold Brand




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I talk with Josh Miles about lessons from his book: Bold Brand 2.0!


If you’ve been listening to the SIMPLE brand podcast for a while, then hopefully you know the best way to brand out from the crowd is to be different. Like Sally Hogshead says, “Different is better than better.”


But most business leaders don’t understand how to position their business so that it truly is different enough to stand out.


In fact, most business leaders don’t really understand how to incorporate their brand across everything they deliver to the customer. Too many leaders I talk to only think of their brand in terms of their logo, their communications, their advertising.


Actually - and fortunately - your business’s brand is much more than that. And if you can learn how to instill your brand across everything you deliver to the customer then your brand has a much stronger chance of standing out from everyone else.


That’s why I really enjoyed talking with Josh Miles this week. Josh is a keynote speaker, a TEDx speaker, a brand consultant, the former CMO of the Society for Marketing Professional Services. He’s the host of the Obsessed Show podcast. And he’s the author of Bold Brand 2.0 - How to Leverage Brand Strategy to Reposition, Differentiate and Market your Professional Services Firm.

In this episode, Josh and I talk about his proven process to help you find your niche, position your business, and develop a Bold Brand that’s truly differentiated.







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