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SIMPLE brand episode 35: Steven Van Belleghem - Create a Customer-centric Experience

SIMPLE brand #35: Steven Van Belleghem - Create a Customer-centric Experience




In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles podcast I talk with Steven Van Belleghem about his latest book: The Offer You Can't Refuse!


I keep having a recurring conversation with a number of business leaders. And it's a pretty disappointing conversation to them.

We’ll talk about their business, how it’s positioned, and what attributes they’ve defined that help it stand out. 

When they talk about how they’re differentiated and how they stand out, they’ll say things like

“Oh, we provide reliable service.” 

“We deliver our product on time.” 

“We deliver a consistent experience.” 

“Our employees are courteous to our customers.”


Now here’s what’s difficult and what a lot of leaders don’t want to hear. None of those attributes will help differentiate you. None.


In fact, those are just minimum requirements that your customers expect from you.  So if you’re not already there today, you’ve got to figure out exactly how you can start meeting your customers’ minimum requirements. Then you need to figure out what customers expect from you beyond just minimum requirements and beyond just minimum convenience. And then figure out how you can successfully deliver that so you can differentiate and  brand out from the crowd.


You have to figure out exactly when, exactly where and exactly how you can play an active role in your customers’ lives. The role that they need you to play, not simply the role you want to play.


I’m overwhelmed just thinking about all of that.


And that’s why I’m glad to talk with Steven Van Belleghem this week. Steven is one of the top customer experience thought leaders in the world. And he’s the best-selling author of multiple books including his latest: The Offer You Can’t Refuse - where he teaches how businesses of any size can brand out from the crowd and deliver better experiences through customer-centric thinking and being a partner in customers’ lives.  







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