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SIMPLE brand #24: The Greatest Book You've Never Read


In this week’s episode of SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles I talk with Ari Berkowitz about the greatest book you've never read, Edward Earle Purinton's The Triumph of the Man Who Acts.

What's so special about this book? And why am I talking with Ari Berkowitz and not Purinton, the actual author?

Think about the biggest business and personal development authors and thought leaders today: Brene Brown, Tim Ferris, Brendon Burchard, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, Amy Porterfield, Michael Hyatt and many others. Some are really great at teaching you how to thrive in business. Some are great at teaching you how to thrive in your personal life. And some are great at both.

But when you think of all these foundational lessons you’re hearing today - those lessons were also taught by Edward Earle Purinton. Only he taught them over 100 years ago! Purinton was the leading advisor to industry titans in the 1910s - he's got endorsements from Rockefeller, Wanamaker and Woolworth.

And his published works have remained mysteriously hidden for over 60 to 70 years until Ari Berkowitz unearthed them this past year, starting with the book: The Triumph of the Man Who Acts.

Purinton's lessons in this book are both timeless and timely as he shows you how to:

  • Maintain the wellness of your body, heart, mind and soul
  • Stay motivated and banish procrastination
  • Live productively and efficiently
  • Serve both your customers and your employees well at the same time.

It's fascinating to read how much they can apply today. And the story of how Ari found the book, unearthed it and republished it this past year is just as fascinating.

Ari and I discuss all that and much more in this week's episode.



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Now that's a great experience!





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