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SIMPLE brand #18: Brian Dixon - Start With Your People



In this week’s episode of SIMPLE brand With Matt Lyles I talk with Brian Dixon about his latest book, Start With Your People: The Daily Decision That Changes Everything!

Brian’s a podcaster, a speaker, a business coach and best-selling author.

Whatever big thing you’re creating, whatever dream you’re chasing, whatever challenges you’re overcoming - it’s not a solo venture. You need the help and support of your people.

And the best leaders are the ones who don’t take their people for granted. Whether it’s their team members, their leadership chain, their professional network, their friends, and especially their family - the best leaders are the ones who are constantly seeking to serve their people.

And it turns out that doing so actually helps them become an even more successful leader.

Brian and I talk about how focusing on and putting your people first can accelerate your life and your business success.

All that and much more in this week's episode.







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