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Image of Wheel of Fortune game board with four blanks left on the board showing:

Pat Sajak Just Gave Us a Crash Course In Empathy


Earlier this week, Wheel of Fortune had viewers frustrated and screaming at their TVs in what one viewer called the "dumbest two minutes in Wheel of Fortune history."

Just in case you haven’t heard, here’s what happened.

In a now-viral clip (shown below), the Wheel of Fortune contestants attempted to solve a puzzle with just four blanks left on the board showing: "ANOTHER FEATHER   _N   YO_R   _A_."


To everyone watching at home or online, the phrase was obvious: "Another feather in your cap." But it wasn't so obvious to the contestants.

One of the contestants originally guessed “hat.” When that didn’t work, they all started throwing out different guesses to see what would stick. “Lap?” “Map?” 

In total, it took all three contestants eight turns and 10 attempts to solve the five-word puzzle - just over two minutes.

Of course, an experience like that was bound to go viral. The clip was shared and viewed over 4 million times on Twitter. While some comments were light-hearted, some of them turned pretty mean. 

And over the following days, media outlets all over the U.S. just piled on even more.

And everyone felt justified in expressing their disbelief and frustration at these contestants because the answer was so obvious to us from our perspective. I mean - if we were there in their shoes, we would have easily solved the puzzle, right?

Except we weren’t there in their shoes. We weren’t there in the studio. We weren’t experiencing what those contestants experienced. And Pat Sajak came in to defend the contestants and set us straight.

On Wednesday morning, Pat took to Twitter to ask that people show the contestants some compassion.


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