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SIMPLE brand November nonprofits: Orange Effect Foundation



Throughout the month of November, we’re shining the spotlight on a number of nonprofit organizations who are doing some really significant work in the world. 


My guest this week in the November nonprofits series is Joe Pulizzi.


Joe was previously featured on the SIMPLE brand podcast episode 33. Joe’s the founder of Content Marketing Institute and The Tilt. He’s the co-host of the This Old Marketing podcast. And he’s the best-selling author of a number of books including Content Inc.


But we’re not here to talk about content today. We’re here to talk about the organization that Joe and his wife Pam founded in 2014: Orange Effect Foundation.


Orange Effect Foundation makes sure children with speech disorders receive the speech therapy and technology equipment they need - especially when the children's family doesn't have the financial means.


Not only that, they also create relationships with speech therapists to help them help families know about the financial opportunities, and they work with therapists and families to help simplify their understanding of the insurance around paying for therapy and equipment.







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